Under construction: I’m going to stick a whole load of resources here.  Watch this space, and comment if you’ve got any suggestions.


Asexuality 101: try this one, at skeptics play
Also, An asexual map for sex-positive feminism at feministe

Bisexuality and Monosexism 101: this is a relatively good place to start
Also, just read the whole of this awesome blog: Radical Bi

Bigotry 101

Cultural Appropriation 101: try this and this slightly more specific one

Domestic abuse 101

Fat issues and fat bigotry 101

Feminism and sexism 101

Gay 101

Intersectionality 101

Intersex 101

Lesbian 101

Mental health 101

Poverty and class 101

Racism 101: Racism 101 for Clueless White People, Written by a Slightly Less Clueless White Person (this starts off not very 101-y and then gets more so: stick with it.)
And then also this one at Resist Racism

Rape and sexual abuse 101

Trans 101



Self Care



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